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international airport. the shooting involved a u.s. military shuttle bus. someone got on the bus and started shooting. two are confirmed dead. we believe they're two u.s. soldiers. one person has been taken into custody. again we know two are killed. it is reported that those are two u.s. soldiers. the incident is over, the airport is operating as usual. this is out of frankfurt. as soon as we get more detail, we get to fred out of berlin. >>> the u.s. supreme court is reaffirming the first amendment right to free speech even if it is painful and ugly. in an 8-1 decision, they say a kansas church can push their message outside military funle rals. jeffrey toobin is on the phone with us. jeff, let's start off here, is this a surprise to you the court's decision? because this is a case that everybody's been watching. >> reporter: it's a pain until awful case and the westboro baptist church is an insuggelt religion everywhere. but the decision is not a surprise. these statements in this context, nondisruptive statements about politics, are at the heart of what the first amendment is all about e
pushing back against mounting pressure to impose a military no-fly zone over libya. why one u.s. official says it's, quote, an extraordinary complex situation. plus, gas prices soaring as the crisis in libya intensifies. is it time now for the united states to tap into its emergency oil reserve to soften the blow at the pump? and an estimated 18,000 refugees crowded into a tent city near the libyan border as a full-blown humanitarian crisis is unfolding. lots happening right here today in "the situation room." pendingo much money on printing. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs. calm down. i know that it is not your job. what i'm saying... excuse me? alright, fine. no, you don't have to do it. ok? [ male announcer ] notre dame knows it's better for xerox to control its printing costs. so they can focus on winning on and off the field. [ manager ] are you sure i can't talk -- ok, no, i get it. [ male announcer ] with xerox, you're ready for real business. and go everywhere. to help revitalize a neighborhood in massachusetts, restore a historic landmark in harlem, fund a local bu
republican candidate mike huckabee is confused about where the current president grew up. but first, the u.s. is closer to the crisis in libya. tonight two u.s. warships are heading for the waters off libya although for now he says it's not to fight. >> we'll be enter the mediterranean shortly. it will provide us a capability for both emergency evacuations. >> moammar gadhafi is trying as hard as he can to hold onto power. pro-gadhafi troops tried and failed to retake a town neurotripoli currently under rebel control. and one of gadhafi's sons tells cnn the government is trying to talk with the rebels, but the rebel leadership is in chaos. let's start with cnn's international correspondent, ben wedeman, who is in rebel-held city benghazi. the former libyan interior minister says the noose is tightening around gadhafi's neck. tell us where have you gone and what have you seen? >> we headed sort of in the direction of tripoli. what we've seen is that the noose isn't necessarily tightening around gadhafi's neck. it's clear the opposition is in firm control of this part of the country, but if yo
. then there would be a massive loss of confidence in the u.s. treasury securities, the deepest, most liquid market in the world. interest rates would spike. and that would, in turn, affect, you know, many other assets as well as treasuries. so the near term effect would be a sharp resumption of the kind of instabilities we saw in 2008. even if we were able, somehow, say because it was only 20 minutes long or something like that, even if we were able to avoid those kinds of effects, very likely the interest rate that lender would dend of the u.s. to finance our debt going forward would be higher, reflecting the greater riskiness and uncertainty associated with funding u.s. government. and that would make our fiscal problems all the more severe because interestayments are part of thedeficit. it means that cuts would have to be sharper and tax increases larg and those things themselves would also be a negative for the recovery. so broadly speaking it would be, i think, a very bad outcome for the u.s. economy. >> it would be safe tosay that two years of extraordinary actions, many of them politically
want to tell you about a gunman who opened fire on a bus carrying u.s. soldiers outside the frankfurt airport in germany. two people were killed. >> reporter: a sheet covers up the broken windshield of the bus carrying u.s. soldiers. the shooting happened at the airport in frankfurt, germany near several u.s. military bases. police say a gunman opened fire as the bus sat outside a terminal. two people were killed. the bus driver and a passenger. and two others were wounded. police took the gunman into custody. police could not confirm whether any of the casualties are u.s. military personnel. randall pinkston, cbs news. >>> a u.s. park police officer is being treated for injuries after a motorcycle accident on the southeast southwest tree way near 7th street southwest. the accident happened just before 11:00 this morning. right now there is no word on the severity of the officer's injuries. police are investigating exactly how that crash happened. >>> late this morning the supreme court ruled that the first amendment protects members of a controversial church would hold anti-gay from
. correspondent amy kellogg tells us what happened. >> reporter: two u.s. airmen were shot dead on a bus, transporting security forces team at frank further airport in germany -- frankfurt airport in germany. on their way to support overseas contingency operation. >> i'm saddened and outraged by the attack that took lives of two americans and wounded two others. i think the american people are united in expressing our gratitude for the service for folks who were lost. >> reporter: the airmen killed were based at the royal air force base in england, the largest u.s. air force base in the united kingdom, where there are three squadron of f-15 fighters the motive is unknown. the u.s. authorities believe the shooter is now in german customer yelled alaw akbar at the attack. they say his family comes from a flashpoint town in cos sew vo. it was a u.s. -led nato mission that liberated cos sew vo from serbia aggression. >> it's a terrible incident and germany will do everything possible to find out what happened. >> reporter: republican congressman from pennsylvania chairman of homeland securit
to the airport there. he is going to join us for the very latest. again two u.s. service members among those who were killed and injured in an attack there at the airport in germany. we will bring that to you in just a short time. also we want to bring you up to date on fast moving developments. the libyan military has dropped three bombs and you see it on the map, brega. the opposition may control the town managing to drive out libyan troops. that's not the only place to see military action there. military camps on the outskirts. first we want to tell you about an aerial bombing has led some to propose the united states consider imposing a no-fly zone over the country. but the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said he called this a complex operation. one of those is a uss -- you are looking here at a photo of the ship from today as it went through the canal. near the region. secretary of defense, robert gates has said the repositioning is to provide humanitarian relief and the capen't for emergency evaguations. let me tell you about the capabilities. it has the ability to transport troops,
. >> in an overwhelming majority, the u.s. supreme court has ruled that a fundamentalist churches with anti-gay messages that protests outside military generals arc -- military funerals are protected under the first amendment. snyder died in a non-combat related vehicle accident in iraq. they picketed outside his md. funeral in 2006. the marines father reacted to the high court's decision. >> we found out today that we can no longer bury our dead in the cemetery with dignity. >> the kansas based church has protested outside hundreds of military funerals. he filed a lawsuit accusing the church of the intensely inflicting emotional distress. the marines father initially won a multimillion-dollar settlement, which was brought out on appeal. the lawyer for the church said, that they expected this outcome. >> this is a victory for the first amendment. >> his father showed frustration that the supreme court's will never have to deal with what many grieving military families will now face in the future. >> these justices do not have to worry about this because the westboro baptist church will never get anywher
, however, as you noted, because even amid this crisis, the u.s. has had some contact with libyan officials and that has been critical in terms of helping to get americans and others out of the tripoli safely. so if you were to cut off all of those ties, that could put some of the remaining americans, obviously, in some jeopardy. why would the u.s. then take such a dramatic step and cut off all diplomatic ties? because that was a big deal for colonel gadhafi a few years ago when the george w. bush administration finally said he was no longer a rogue state, that they would recognize him diplomatally because he came forward with his weapons program. if all of a sudden the u.s. cut off all ties, that would he remove even more if there is a shred of legitimacy left for gadhafi and remove it once and for all. that would be the pressure point because that is something he has craved so long is have some legitimacy on the world stage. of course, given what ben is reporting and given what is happening on the ground right now, it's doubtful he has any legitimacy but the u.s. is looking for any lever
and nato enter libya. >> woodruff: plus we look at military options for the u.s. and others, including establishing a no-fly zone over the north african nation. >> warner: marcia coyle gives us the latest from the supreme court, including today's 8-1 ruling upholding the free speech rights of protesters at military funerals. >> woodruff: spencer michels reports on the controversy surrounding dozens of no fishing zones off the coast of california. >> california is establishing dozens of protected areas in the ocean, but the problem is there aren't enough game wardens to enforce the rules. >> warner: and jeffrey brown talks to libyan-born u.s. poet khaled mattawa about life in libya under qaddafi and today's uprising. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy productive life. and with the ongoing support of these institu
, can you talk a little bit about as a result of their trip last week, what adjustments you feel the u.s. military needs to be making right now and needs to be working on because of the changes and events in terms of the u.s. oteri relationship with any of these countries? secretary gates, a baker advice on that as well. >> i'm not sure about some significant adjustments right away. i think it's really important to stay engaged with them and as i said listen to what their concerns are. they actually want us to stay with them milks the mill. i want to see, you know, the assistance immediately cut off. they won a chance in their own countries to work on this kind of change specifically. i've engaged my counterparts a number of time. they greatly appreciate the relationship and are working their way through it and they appreciate the support. it is really for them to work for this and they want to sustain the relationship. we may have to adjusted over time, but they're certainly not calling for any significant change right now. >> i would say can i just pick up on the chairman's point. i th
are willing to die for him, says the u.s. will face a bloody war if they intervene. bill: jonathan hunt, live at the libyan-tunisian border, hello there. >> reporter: good morning to you. colonel gadhafi appears to be as defiant as ever this morning. in a speech to his people, marking the 34th anniversary of the peoples' congress and in front of what appears to be a hand-picked audience, he said that he and his supporters will, quote, fight to the last man and to the last woman. he railed against intervention, warning the united states and others not to troy to intervene in the situation in libya. he says he and his people -- [inaudible] >> [broken speech] >> he is building -- he is fire up supporters by implying this is all an international plot to oust him. meanwhile he says al-qaeda is prompting some of the violence against him. >> [inaudible] >> -- united states and al-qaeda combined, but this is the reality world in which colonel gadhafi appears to live right now. there is also violence in several cities right now. the pro ga-- >> [broken speech] >> here on the border we still have a gro
>>> u.s. soldiers slain. a gunman opens fire on a u.s. military bus. a man in custod neberlin -- custody in berlin. and the reason for the attacks. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >>> a gunman opens fire. two u.s. airmen are killed and two others hurt. randall pinkston has more on wjz. >> reporter: the shooter opened fire at the bus carrying u.s. air force personnel, set outside a terminal in frankfurt, germany. two other u.s. airmen were seriously wounded. president obama is promising to get to the bottom of the attack. >> we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place. and working with german authorities to ensure that all of the pern traitors are brought to justice. >> reporter: after firing his weapon, the gunman ran into a terminal, where authorities tackled him. he is now in police custody. investigators are looking into whether the shooting had any ties to terror groups. the airport is near ramstein air force base, the headquarters of the u.s. air force in europe. the victims were part of an air
reportedly near or on a bus carrying u.s. soldiers at the frankfurt airport. amy kellogg is following this breaking story live from london. amy. >> reporter: yes, we're trying to piece together the information. we're getting it at this point various press agencies on the ground, pretty much now the frankfurt police and the u.s. military, who are investigating this. two people dead, we understand, one, a u.s. soldier, when allegedly a 21-year-old shooter from kosovo opened fire on a bus, carrying u.s. soldiers, at the frankfurt airport. now, this just happened, so, again, we're just piecing together this information. we believe it's one soldier killed, and the driver of the bus, and then two people taken to the hospital. you know the airport base, the medical center, which is part of the u.s. military s. based very close to frankfurt and that is the biggest u.s. military hospital outside the united states. it's where soldiers coming from iraq and afghanistan are treated. again, we don't have information about the actual soldiers on that bus, where they were going, to or from, but we kn
, 2011. we begin with breaking news out of the district. a u.s. park police officer on a motorcycle has been struck by a car. it happened on i-395 near seventh street behind lafont plaza. let's look live at a traffic camera from that area. the officer was being flown to the hospital and is critically injured. we're joined by phone with the latest. >> all lanes are blocked. not far from lafont plaza. we do have several vehicles involved in a motor vehicle collision. it is what we call a priority one, which is serious. the injuries don't appear to be life threatening, but they are serious. and as you said, the medevac helicopter just departed moments ago for a nearby trauma center. >> can you tell us what caused this accident. did a career e rear-end the motorcycle? >> people are looking into the circumstances how it did occur. but right now all lanes are closed. we got the call about 15 minutes ago. it's a developing scene for the most part. but all lanes are -- i can tell you that there are several other vehicles involved. i don't know how they all became involved. but they don't seem t
>>> show of force. more u.s. warships head to the mediterranean, as libyan rebels consider asking for international military intervention. >>> open for business. the house passes a stopgap budget bill. the senate is expected to follow suit today. >>> and teacher tenure. the next union battle in america >>> and teacher tenure. the next union battle in america begins to take shape. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody, and thanks for joining us, i'm betty nguyen. this morning, there are reports that libyan government forces have launched air attacks against rebel-held positions in eastern libya. meanwhile, two u.s. navy ships enter the suez canal en route to the mediterranean, and it is also reported rebel leaders are considering whether to ask for outside military help. susan mcginnis is in washington with more on this. good morning, susan. >> hi, good morning, betty. while the opposition leaders in libya are considering asking for western air strikes u.s. defense leaders remain very cautious. they are weighing their options, and the consequences, of u.s. military a
consider asking for outside help but would the u.s. answer the call? as american warships head to the region just what is the u.s. military willing to offer? >>> oil futures rise above $100 a barrel a day after the dow slumped 1.5%. we'll check where the market is headed before the opening bell today. >>> and flip-flop already? or just a communications mix-up. we'll get to the bottom of newt announcing for president thursday debacle. chuck has the back story. good morning. wednesday, march 2nd, 2011. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. amazing what making sure you have two sources do and can keep you out of trouble. we'll get more into that. all of that plus does michael huckabee think president obama grew up in kenya and will the beloved "the daily rundown" moth pad get a tablet today. let's get to the rundown. moammar gadhafi is vowing to fight to the last man as he ramps up efforts to hold onto his country in the face of a growing rebellion. pierce battles in the east and west. the libyan air force is bombing rebel territory sending forces to an oil base in the eastern
and relatively modest increase in u.s. consumer price inflation. >> susie: the latest on inflation and what it'll take to end the fed's government bond buying binge. you're watching "nightly business report" for tuesday, march 1. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. captioning sponsored by wpbt >> tom: good evening and thanks for joining us. ben bernanke said today the federal reserve is ready to take action if high oil prices threaten the economy. susie, the fed chief's comments came on a day when oil prices gushed higher. >> susie: tom, as bernanke was testifying on capitol hill in washington, oil futures trading here in new york surged to just below the $100 level. april crude rose $2.66 a barrel, or more than 2.5%. and those rising oil prices triggered a stock sell-off on wall street-- the dow fell 168 points, the nasdaq lost 44, and the s&p 500 off almost 22. >> tom: against that market backdrop, bernanke explain
, the u.s. supreme court in an 8 to 1 vote said that jury verdict has to be set aside that the first amendment protects the messages of this group. now, chief justice john roberts who wrote the opinion said that the protest was entirely legal. the group abided by the local restrictions of how far away to be from the church. they were not violent and the message while repugnant to many does get into questions of public concern about the military, about gay rights and about the catholic church. he said at the end of the opinion, speech is powerful. it can move people to action. it can move people to tears and it can even inflict great pain, but the government cannot react by punishing the speaker. there was one dissenter today, samuel alito who said this is not ultimately about public issue, but a private action and private attack on a single-family and single father and the father should be able to sue for damages. controversial decision, but clearly, we know where the supreme court feels because of the 8 to 1 vote, contessa. >> thank you, pete. breaking news out of germany, we know t
at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >>> more breaking news now. a gunman opened fire on u.s. soldiers stationed in germany and now two people are dead and more are wounded. we have the report with the latest on this shooting. >> reporter: a sheet covers up the windshield. the shooting happened near several u.s. military bases. police say the gunman openedfire as a bus sat outside the terminal. two people were killed and two others wounded. police could not confirm whether any of the casualties are u.s. military personnel. >> a u.s. official says that the gunman is believed to be from kosovo. >>> libyan leader moammar qaddafi is vowing to stay in control as hi forces continue violent attacks on protesters. the united nations is asking for air strikes and two u.s. warships are ready for orders from the white house in the sea. secretary of state hillary clinton says all options are now on the table. >>> well, a same-sex marriage bill survive the day? lawmakers have not decided if the bill could be put to a critical vote today. pat warren, live with the latest. good afternoon. >> reporter: good
september. >>> today, the u.s. senate approved an emergency short- term spending plan that mr. prevent a government -- that will prevent a government shutdown -- government shutdown. it passed yesterday. it will give the white house and congress two more weeks, and that will fund the government through the 30th. president obama has called on congressional leaders to begin discussions on a longer-term plan. >>> wind and rain made a mess of the commute in some parts of the bay area this morning. here's what it looks like right now in walnut creek. hard to really see too much at all. the winds are tapering off earlier squalls and gusts up to 30 miles an hour swept through, slowing traffic and triggering a number of accidents. the chp says it was the seat belt, though, that saved the driver and passenger in this accident near anderson drive and sir francis drake boulevard on the back side of san quentin boulevard. it was the case of a driver going too fast on a curve during the rain. >> her rear-end tires spun out. she lost control, headed to the hill, hit the hool and up and over on the r
. >> bruce, thank you for your reporting. >>> a u.s. park police officer is being treated for serious injuries following an accident on the southeast-southwest. there were other vehicles involved in the accident. another person was also treated for injuries. no word yet on charges. the dc police department is still investigating. >>> the family of a missing young pregnant woman is pleading for her safe return. 21-year-old bethany decker is a senior at george mason university. she is also five months pregnant and the mother of a toddler. her mother says the last time anyone saw her was january 29th. they didn't realize anything was wrong until february 19th when bethany's grandparents stopped by her apartment in ashburn and found her car still there. they filed a missing person's report. >> after it had been a little while where she hadn't contacted us and then we were asking -- we started asking friends, have you heard from her? have you seen her? and then friends started contacting us too saying we haven't heard from her or we haven't seen her. >> kimberlyly nelson is bethany's mothe
the previous day. u.s. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke has indicated america's economy is growing at a faster pace than last year but he cautions over soaring oil prices over continuing soaring prices in the arab world. >> sustained rises in the price 0 of oil and other commodities will be a threat to overall growth and price stability. >> reporter: bernanke submitted the policy report to congress on tuesday. he said commodity prices are high due to growing demand in emerging economies. referring to the current economic situation in the u.s., bernanke said there is increased evidence that a self sustaining recovery in consumer and business spending may be taking hold. he added the risk of deflation has become negligent libl. he said it could be several years before the unemployment rate returns to a normal level. noting the housing sector remains exception ally weak. he stressed the deed to ease monetary measures. >>> the european ministry has updated the forecast for the euro zone. they said the latest forecast of 1.6% growth this year is 0.1 percentage points higher than predict
you to go back to a place where the u.s. is engaged in military action? >> it is interesting. the population of afghanistan is around 29 million, and there's probably no more than 80,000 u.s. soldiers serving in afghanistan right now, but if you look at the stories that come out, you think the numbers are completely reversed. all the stories are about americans, and you see almost no images of stories about the afghan people themselves, so if you look at the dominant representational paradigm uc today, it is all about foreign soldiers. my idea was to try incurred counted to that a popularized narrative and focus on images and stories that really reflect that lived experience of conflict through the eyes of the afghan people. >> you are exhibiting with three other photographers. it is true all three of them have really focused in the areas where a lot of u.s. and allied forces are seeing action, are actually involved in combat, so your story is different than theirs. what does it mean to show your body of work along side of the stories that probably are more familiar? what kin
the president is being hypocritical because several union workers have negotiating program. we'll analyze. u.s. warships are going to the libyan coast and liberal wants troops to go into that country, wow! >> you borrow my brain for five seconds, can't handle it. >> bill: is it wrong for the media to exploit charlie sheen. does he have a strong legal case against cbs. >> wow, did what does that mean. by winning? >> bill: caution you are about to enter the no-spin zone. factor begins right now. >> bill: thanks for watching us tonight. the drama in wisconsin is still no winner, that is the subject of the talking points memo. americans are caught up in important conflict, cost cutting versus union benefits. 37% of americans favor cutting pay for public union employees but 56% oppose that. the "new york times" headlines reads majority in poll back employees in public sector. but the poll is misleading because 20% of the responds say they are from union households. if you subtract them, those that favor cutting benefits win the poll. wow, "new york times" -- however according to new poll, 42% want
at this hour. two u.s. airmen shot dead at this hour at an airport in germany. did the shooter act alone? or was he part of a big plot? randall pinkston reports on the shooting that wounded two others. >> reporter: the shooter opened fire as the bus carrying u.s. personnel set outside. killing the driver and a passenger. two other u.s. airmen were seriously wounded. president obama is promising to get to the bottom of the attack. >> we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place and working with german authorities to ensure that all of the perpetrators are brought to justice. >> reporter: after firing his weapon, the gunman, who was a kosovo citizen, ran into a terminal, where authorities tackled him. he's now in police custody. >> reporter: investigators are looking into whether the shooter had any ties to terror groups. the airport is near ramstein air force base. the headquarters of the u.s. air force in europe. the victims were part of an air force security team on their way to afghanistan. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> german chancellor angela mer
, on the currency markets. the euro is gaining against the u.s. dollar while the pound and the yen are both losing ground. what happen in asia, andrew? >> it's very much the same thing. any way you look at the market, emily, a selloff is under way. as you can see, it's in some of the bigger markets there. take a look at the nikkei down by 2.5% at the close. wipes out all of the gains it made in the last three days or so. it's about the price of crude. oil car makers, some of the biggest losers there, not surprisingly. one other loser is soft bank, one of the big software makers there, that's down on news that yahoo! and softbank could unwind the agreement in japan. it could give japan about $8 billion to spend. yahoo! japan up 3.5% in japan. the broader market big falls today. oil and airline companies right around the region, pretty much leading the indices lower. in the main benchmark there down as well as growth numbers, gdp numbers coming out of australia. the economy did grow about .7%. that is a little short of expectations. the s&p down about .5%. shanghai down by not so much. it has been a
with katie couric" is next. libya tempts by the army to retake lost territory. the u.s. steps up the pressure on qaddafi to quit, but he's still not giving up. i'm katie couric. also tonight, deep trouble in the midwest. heavy rain and melting snow adds up to flooding that's sweeping through hundreds of homes. are teachers taking a lesson from the labor dispute in wisconsin? a union leader is giving some ground on the red-hot issue of tenure. and the american spirit. an artist who brings to life a world his eyes cannot see. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. moammar qaddafi's latest offensive was a colossal failure and tonight he's more isolated than ever. troops loyal to qaddafi tried to retake three cities overnight but they were repelled by rebel forces. today in one of those cities, zawiyah, there were celebrations in the streets. the people are firmly in charge and demanding qaddafi go. secretary of state hillary clinton warned that unless he does, libya is at risk
financial enemies were likely responsible for the u.s. financial collapse in 2008. that doesn't mean we're -- we were irresponsible as well, but they took advantage. the attack, which began in 2007, he says is a three-tiered attack the report claims two of the phases are complete. two of them. but the third one is not. he says it may be underway right now. he also, freeman, reports here on who the lead suspects would be. he said islamic terrorists. hostile members of the chinese military. or groups in russia. who are the best positioned in the economic battle space. now, here is where this thing doesn't feel right to me. this report came out back in 2009. the only reason why we're seeing it now is because someone in the d.o.d. thought that this report should be brought to public attention. it was made in 2009. the d.o.d. thought it should be brought to your attention. that alone to me is the biggest warning bell here. it should put your radar up, at least maybe say maybe i should read this and look into it. why should it be brought to your attention now? well, let me ask you, what was t
is the justification for continued u.s. taxpayer investment? in egypt and elsewhere, successive u.s. administrations failed to move beyond the status quo and prepare for the future. we should not associate the protests in jordan and bahrain events transpire in other places. we have failed to effectively use our resources to help build strong accountable institutions that protect basic human rights. this administration's crier decision to cut support from pro-democracy civil groups in egypt and the only fund groups seceded with the mubarak government is a mistake and it must never repeat. then the mistake of the bush administration and continued and that the country -- under the current administration, to get new business with the libyan regime. john's wife, victoria, my constituent, and others are in the audience today. madam secretary, i have a letter that they have written requesting yours and director miller's help in securing information about the role of gaddafi in the 1980's and 1990. some of us objected to the normalization of relations with the libyan regime. this is proof that the oppressor
nations estimates more than 1,000 people have died. libya's oil chief says production is cut in half. u.s. consumers are feeling the pinch. food prices in january rose the fastest they have since 2008. oil topped 100 dollars a barrel yesterday. gas is up 20 cents a gallon just this week alone. >> it's killing us. we don't go anywhere but work and home. >> we could see gasoline between 4 and $5 a gallon by memorial day, maybe sooner. >> in washington, federal reserve chairman bernanke says through tough economic recovery it is speeding up higher oil prices could be a huge threat. >>> most of the south continues dealing with the after effects of torrential downpours, one state is dealing with wild fires. >>> we will head down to florida where the fires burn house of acres. >>> and parts of one make city shut down after falling ice from the frigid weather results in multiple injuries. details coming up when "good morning maryland" returns. [ male announcer ] this is charlie whose morning flight to london starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol now, and maybe up to 8 in a day
. meanwhile, two u.s. warships passed through the suez canal today heading closer to libya. defense secretary robert gates says they could be used to evacuate civilians. the libyan border is overwhelmed with refugees. 30,000 are waiting to get into tunisia. and some foreign workers were able to get out on ships bound for egypt. but back to today's major development, qaddafi's failed offensive in brega. mandy clark was there and reports tonight from benghazi. >> reporter: this is the excitement of victory in the town near today's major battle, cars bearing rebel fighters braced the front line. their comrades splaived water on them and cheered. when word came in of an apparent rebel victory down road, this was a scene of wild celebration. but now these fighters are rushing to get a new shipment of weapons ready for any possible counter-attack. the battle began with an assault by government troops before dawn and included bombing runs by qaddafi's warplanes. >> they are bombing us by very big bombs. >> reporter: by late afternoon, the rebels were on the offensive. down the road, survivors arrive
's desperate efforts to hold on. and what the pentagon is saying tonight about u.s. intervention. >>> a new health warning tonight. it's about hpv and men. some new numbers, both surprising and disturbing. >>> america at the crossroads, what skills are folks going to need in this economy, and how to get them. tom brokaw with tonight's report. >>> "making a difference" for young superheroes. using the power of fun to help build strong minds. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. the white house reported some new numbers today about women in this country. and while in many ways women continue to pass men by, an old problem is just as bad, just as serious, and it continues to hold women back economically. while female students were something of a novelty at some colleges and universities just two, three generations ago, they're now the majority on campus. but then comes the problem, the pay gap in the workplace, and that hasn't changed. it's where we begin tonight with nbc news white house correspondent savannah guthrie. savannah, good eveni
by western air forces. the u.s. government went on record saying gadhafi has to go. tonight, the question is, will these opposition forces actually ask for outside help to make that happen? it appears right now there is something of a stalemate on the ground. tripoli still under gadhafi's control. we'll talk to a man hiding in his home who said he was stabbed by libyan police. he described the streets as frightingly quiet. benghazi is controlled by the opposition. the libyan government claim there is is no real uprising against gadhafi. they continue to claim a few dozen terrorists in each city are holding the populations hostage and claim they have never fired on libyan civilians. they say they've only killed foreigners attacking government forces. tonight, new video to show you to show that those government claims are false. this was taken sunday in tripoli, reportedly near the market. it appears to show protesters armed only with rocks and sticks being shot. [ gunfire ] >> to regroup and try to move forward. they start to use that truck as cover, moving forward towards the people shooting
, frankly, the use of the u.s. military in another country in the middle east. >> reporter: gates said he was unable to gauge the rebels' chances of overthrowing qaddafi. >> it remains to be seen how effectively military leaders who have defected from qaddafi's forces can organize the opposition in the country. >> reporter: secretary of state clinton ticked off future scenarios for libya, and two out of three were bad. >> libya could become a peaceful democracy or it could face protracted civil war or it could descend into chaos. >> reporter: the u.s. and britain are openly talking about setting up a no-fly zone over libya. >> it is not acceptable to have a situation where colonel qaddafi can be murdering his own people, using airplanes and helicopter gunships and the like and we have to plan now to make sure if that happens we can do something to stop it. >> reporter: but china and russia are likely to oppose any u.n. resolution authorizing a no-fly zone and gates has not yet ordered the aircraft carrier "enterprise" into the mediterranean. general james mattis who who commands u.s. forc
for gunshot wounds after the military assault his citizens. u.s. military ships are had is closer to the country. could we be getting ready for another military conflict? >> it was a big talk on capitol hill. the obama administration is trying to dial back some of the talk about possible military action. >> there is a lot of loose talk about some of these military options. >> defense secretary robert gates giving a candid assessment about the possibility of u.s. military intervention in libya including talks about a no-fly zone. >> a no-fly zone begins with an attack on libya. to destroy the air defenses, that is the way you do a no-fly zone. >> gates said that a no-fly zone could be done at the president ordered it. the white house says this is not off the table. >> are we considering an attack on libya? >> we are considering a variety of options and we have not ruled any options out. >> secretary of state hillary clinton said that further involvement would be a difficult decision. >> the tough issues about how and whether there would be any intervention to assist those who are o
one u.s. had the courage to stand up and fight this thing the court system while his heart was breaking. amidst all this legal wrangling that we are discussing today, i would ask you to remember that this is about a young iranian gave his life to our nation. let's remember -- a yacht marina gave his life to our nation. let's remember him in our prayers. my co-counsel has served our country in afghanistan. we know that our troops overseas do not worry about themselves when they are in harm's way. they worry about their families and what will happen to their families if they have to pay the ultimate sacrifice. for this -- for those troops, i have this message, while this decision is disappointing, remember that the american people believe in you. the overwhelming majority of americans recognize and honor your sacrifice. god bless you and your family and thank you for your commitment to our country. >> i want to say thank you for people who helped me out. all the military men and women do i have heard from, their families, the 48 attorney general's kusaie and -- the 48 attorne
of the injure suffered serious injuries and another suffered light injuries. the u.s. air force in britain said the two dead airmen were based in the united kingdom. that no other details will be released until after notification of next of kin. >>> now to the latest situation in libya. rebels there appear to have repelled an talk at an oil installation. forces loyal to libya's leader moammar gadhafi initially recaptured the port in a raid earlier this morning. but after several hours of fighting, a wave of civilian militias drove out gadhafi's forces. all that according to an associated press reporter on the scene. in the meantime, colonel gadhafi warned that thousands of libyan there's die if u.s. and nato forces intervene in the conflict there. and united nations official say nearly 200,000 people have fled across the bored entire tunisia in order to escape the violence in will you be i can't. >> a young virginia mother pregnant with her second child is still missing tonight. bethany decker vanished from her home in ashburn over a month ago. now police have spoken to her husband who is servi
. there was a fierce gunfight outside achb oil facility much rebels control most of the east of that country. the u.s. senate condemned the gross and systematic violations of human rights' demand gadhafi leave office. two u.s. war ships have entered the suez canal moving closer to the libyan kift. >>> break news from overseas. three gunmen attacked and killed an important pakistani leader. pakistan's government minister for rngs minorities was on his way to work in the capital of islamabad when the attack occurred. these are new pictures just in of his bullet riddled car. he was part of pakistan's christian community and urged reform of the country's harsh blasphemy laws. those laws call for the death penalty for insulting islam. the governor of the punjai province was killed by his own body st. guard for posing the same laws. >>> new from overnight a teen stabbed on a metrobus in pomeroy road in southeast. tracee wilkins is live with what she knows so far. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. metro transit police will be handling had investigation. here's what we know so far. this all happened o
are very divided. the russians and chinese are not keen it. neither is the u.s. defense secretary. >> the u.n. security council resolution provides no authorization for the use of armed force. there is no unanimity among nato for the use of armed force. >> refugees are crossing the border from libya to tunisia. >> let's turn to the thousands of people fleeing the unrest in libya. the situation at the border has reached quite -- there is struggling to cope with the influx of people. our correspondent is at the point between the two countries. >> we want to leave, they shout. these people are stranded in no- man's land, out of libya, but not yet safely into tunisia. this border crossing point has been overwhelmed by a tide of humanity. more than 70,000 people so far and counting. the boston majority of both migrant workers from countries like egypt -- the majority of my co-workers from countries like egypt. -- migrant workers from countries like egypt. many are exhausted and sick. they had been traveling for days to get here. >> there has to be a massive effort, not just by one country, but a
to the north and highway 46 to the south. that's a 21-mile stretch. if highway 1 is open, u.s. 1 is open, you can get around it okay and bushwhack it okay toward the beach. if not, you literally have to drive all the way to sanford on 46, turn right. a big detour. >> it's a good reason. we were looking at the fire in texas, the young fatality because the driver of the car couldn't see because of the smoke on the roids. >> the person in front of you is going to stop. you don't see them stop. it's like driving in a blizzard. you're going to literally drive into the back of the person in front of you. i've driven through a lot of these things, before they get going like this. and it stinks. you can actually start being very ill by the smoke inhalation. so stay oust the smoke. it's a danger in central florida today. >> let us know if it gets any worse. chad myers, thank you so much. >>> now to this -- march 18th, now the new date we have to mark on our canal delen for a possible government shutdown. the vote was 91-9 on the resolution in the senate to keep the federal government up and running fo
just a few weeks ago. >> i was told that i would be assassinated. >> the gunman kills two u.s. airmen on a bus in frankfurt. hello. it was the day that gaddafi loyalists seemed to be fighting back against the libyan uprisings in earnest, but now, the libyan leader's opponents look to be back in control. they bit off an attack by the libyan army unit with vastly superior weaponry, but at one point, they did have the upper hand. medics say at least 14 people died in the fighting. "bbc world news" editor reports from nearby. >> news on the attack reached us in the early morning. defenders started preparing for the possibility that colonel gaddafi's forces would roll straight on and try to capture this place. they were excited and nervous. defenders here have a few ancient russian tanks which they rolled out. older and less effective than the tanks the gaddafi forces are apparently using. many of the volunteers here are deserters from colonel gaddafi's army. their position could be particularly dangerous. but the mood is defiant. >> we have decided there is only one way for us to go, and
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